The Company

The Digital Jukebox was formed in the late 90's just before the real explosion of the digital music industry took your ears by surprise. We had an idea that the music industry was about to change and with that in mind we set about partnering with one of the first and most successful digital distribution companies in the USA. We later partnered with the MCI (BBC/2 Entertain's) to handle our some of our back catalogue & publishing.

Today, The label consists of musicians whose passion for the art outweighs the default norms found within the industry. We aim for a true and trusting relationship with our artists and sometimes can be considered as one big family of musicians. We have seen how the force feeding of music can cause conflicts and a destruction in the relationship between artists and label management so this is why we as business minded musicians find it easier to work with our artists. The Digital Jukebox are now in corporate partnership with the BBC Worldwide Music Publishing & Sony/Orchard for music distribution. We also dabble in licensing and sync as this has now become a popular means of good promotion and music exploitation and this is why we formed our additional own publishing division 'Digital Jukebox Publishing'.

The idea behind our name comes from the traditional digital jukebox which played the authentic vinyl, a media format we still cherish and value. We absolutely love vinyl and believe that at some point it may well come back but have also adapted to the digital means of music release and its technologies.

We want you to enjoy the products we release and to join us on our magnificent journey, whatever your chosen genre may be. If it sounds good and it makes you move then you will see our involvement.

'Lend us your ears in exchange for good music'

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Our Partners

  • BBC Worldwide Publishing
  • Roland Music Corp
  • Sony Music
  • The Orchard Music/Film
  • YouTube/VEVO
  • ITunes/Apple Corp