Personal Artist Management/Agency

Helping our clients reach fans directly, and assisting clients in running their own recording, publishing, merchandising and performing/touring operations including in the areas of sponsorship, branding, merchandising, and/or licensing. In a nutshell while helping clients run their own "companies" - help figure out which deals (if any) complement the clients' independent operations and fit into their long-term career plans.

Tour & Production Management

Primarily on larger tours we coordinates all the Road managers along with the details and logistics of the tour itself. Sometimes, particularly on "smaller" or independent artist tours, the road manager and the tour manager are the same person. We generally manage all the details that relate to the entire tour including communications, merchandising, tour routing, catering, hospitality, etc.

Our Production managers can be found on larger tours involving major record label artists. Production managers work closely with tour managers, helping with certain details having to do with the production of the show; like renting sound, video and lighting equipment, dealing with trucking issues, etc. Production managers also deal with the publicity for the show, as well as assist with scheduling and coordinating both the touring crew and the local venue crew.

General Marketing & PR Management

Digital Jukebox is part owned by one of the UK's most prestigious web marketing, design & development companies who deals with campaigns and marketing solutions with Google and Microsoft on a daily basis. We have a dedicated team that not only build and deploy websites but manages and co-ordinates specific cross platform blue chip corporate projects to maximize target clientele reach globally.

Our Partners

  • BBC Worldwide Publishing
  • Roland Music Corp
  • Sony Music Distribution
  • The Orchard Music/Film
  • ITunes/Apple Corp